John Mazza Menhart

John Mazza Menhart and Philanthropy

John Mazza MenhartJohn Mazza Menhart and other athletes at Upper Arlington High School joined together to revitalize the flagging nondenominational group Young Life Christian Organization. These young men decided to make a difference in their community, and they did so by investing their time and energies in an organization focused on improving their community.

John Mazza Menhart and his teammates, by pooling their talents and energies, were able to reenergize this club. With their efforts, the school’s YLCO successfully organized such events as prayer breakfasts, food drives, and Christian camps.

John Mazza Menhart has always believed that the maintenance of a strong community is the responsibility of every one of its members. Just as every member of a sports team must work in sync and be willing to take a leadership position at any time, so a member of a community must be willing to take charge if the need ever arises.

John Mazza Menhart is proud of the time and effort he spent improving his high school’s Young Life Christian Organization. By combining sociability, philanthropy, and Christian values, he was able to effect a positive change.

John Mazza Menhart has continued his charitable and community-building activities even after he has left the high school setting. For him, philanthropy is simply a way of life. He urges those around him to find a cause about which they are passionate and then take a leadership role in that cause. We all lead hectic lives, but taking a couple hours a week out of our schedule to help others is an act that leaves everyone involved better off.


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